Project Logistics

There is no doubt that the project shipments require special expertise, thorough knowledge and ability to think outside the box. BAX has expertise to survey, price, plan and execute any size and type of project shipments. BAX is equipped with professionals who have more than a decade combined experience in handling Break Bulk, RORO, Flat Rack and Open Top equipment.

Break Bulk

BAX has an established contact with truckers, heavy lift companies, break bulk carriers, terminal/dock team, pressure washing and survey companies. Our competitive advantages are fast turnaround with all inclusive and competitive quotes; faster road permits and timely coordination with port and terminal authorities.

We are specialized in following areas:

  • Wind Turbine
  • Communication equipment – oversize antennas
  • Factory relocation from one country to another
  • Boats and Yacht
  • Oilfield equipment such as huge pipes and machines
  •  Chartering the vessels for Oil, grain (loose or in sacks), machines, etc.
  • Air Chartering include, but not limited, to transport Live Animals such as race horses or exhibition animals

And our scope of service covers entire US origins and can move from any ports in Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf Coasts depending on the destination.


Roll On Roll Off (RORO)


This is another cheaper way BAX suggest (depending on the requirement and destination) to move drivable cargo. Sometimes, we can even load your break bulk pieces on MAFI equipment to load on the RORO vessels depending on the nature of the cargo and the destination.

Some of the cargo we move on RORO are:

  • Any size and type of automobiles – army tanks, trucks, trailers, buses, cars, etc.
  • Road & building construction equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Drilling Rigs, Cranes, Diggers and oilfield equipment
  • Railway Carriages

Please call us today and rest is on us to take care of your RORO shipments.

Flat Rack & Open Top Equipment:

This is another area of project where you need to depend on a reliable company who has many years of experience. Scope of BAX include arrange required heavy crane to load at your facility, place trailer (flat bed or low bed) at your door, arrange road permits, trans-load your freight on a Flat Rack or open top container depending on the need, take it to the port and make sure this is loaded as planned. Our detail oriented approach to the oversize cargo make sure each steps, from step one to the last step, are executed as planned.